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Updated September 9, 2018

Kindle Deals on Christian Apologetics Books

Church History

The Story of Christianity: Volume 1: The Early Church to the Dawn of the Reformation by Justo L. Gonzalez $1.99

In this fully revised and updated edition, church historian Justo González tells the story of Christianity from its fragile infancy to its pervasive dominance at the dawn of the Protestant Reformation. The Story of Christianity, volume 1, relates the dramatic events, the colorful characters, and the revolutionary ideas that shaped the first fifteen centuries of the church’s life and thought.

This new edition of The Story of Christianity incorporates recent archaeological discoveries to give us a better view of the early Christian communities. Among these are advances in the recovery of Gnostic texts that have revealed a richer diversity of “Christianities” in the first century. González also includes important research done in the past twenty-five years revealing the significant role of women throughout the history of the church.

The Story of Christianity: Volume 2: The Reformation to the Present Day by Justo L. Gonzalez $1.99

Beginning with the Protestant Reformation of the sixteenth century, this fully revised and updated second volume of The Story of Christianity continues the marvelous history of the world’s largest religion. Church historian Justo Gonzalez brings to life the people, dramatic events, and theological debates that have shaped Protestantism, Catholicism, and Orthodoxy. From the monk Martin Luther, who dared to stand up to a corrupt pope, to the surprising spread and growing vitality of today’s church in Africa, Asia, and South America, The Story of Christianity offers a complete and up-to-date retelling of this amazing history.

With new information on the important contributions of women to church history as well as the latest information on Christianity in developing countries, The Story of Christianity covers such recent occurrences as the fall of the Soviet Union and the return of the Russian Orthodox Church; feminist, Africa-American, and Third-World theologies; the scandals and controversies facing the reign of Pope Benedict XVI; interfaith dialogue; and the movement toward unity of all Christian churches.

This revised and updated edition of The Story of Christianity concludes with a thoughtful look at the major issues and debates facing Christianity today.

The Crusades: The Authoritative History of the War for the Holy Land by Thomas Asbridge $1.99

The Crusades is an authoritative, accessible single-volume history of the brutal struggle for the Holy Land in the Middle Ages.

Thomas Asbridge—a renowned historian who writes with “maximum vividness” (Joan Acocella, The New Yorker)—covers the years 1095 to 1291 in this big, ambitious, readable account of one of the most fascinating periods in history.

From Richard the Lionheart to the mighty Saladin, from the emperors of Byzantium to the Knights Templar, The Crusades is a magnificent epic of Holy War between the Christian and Islamic worlds, full of adventure, intrigue, and sweeping grandeur.

The Lost History of Christianity: The Thousand-Year Golden Age of the Church in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia–and How It Died by John Philip Jenkins $1.99

The Lost History of Christianity by Philip Jenkins offers a revolutionary view of the history of the Christian church.

Subtitled “The Thousand-Year Golden Age of the Church in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia—and How It Died,” it explores the extinction of the earliest, most influential Christian churches of China, India, and the Middle East, which held the closest historical links to Jesus and were the dominant expression of Christianity throughout its first millennium.

The remarkable true story of the demise of the institution that shaped both Asia and Christianity as we know them today, The Lost History of Christianity is a controversial and important work of religious scholarship that sounds a warning that must be heeded.

The Papacy by J.A. Wylie $0.99

James Aitken Wylie was a Scottish historian of religion and a staunchly Presbyterian minister who had a critical view of the Catholic Church. He was a prolific writer and is most famous for his twenty-four book long The History of Protestantism, which was first published in 1878. Wylie died before completing his History of the Scottish Nation in 1890.

Looking first at ancient Rome, Wylie studies how the Papacy emerged in the aftermath of the collapse of the Western Roman Empire.

The Papacy is essential reading for anyone interested in the Papacy and how it has changed through the course of its long history.

Tyndale: The Man Who Gave God an English Voice by David Teems $3.99

It was an outlawed book, a text so dangerous “it could only be countered by the most vicious burnings, of books and men and women.” But what book could incite such violence and bloodshed? The year is 1526. It is the age of Henry VIII and his tragic Anne Boleyn, of Martin Luther and Thomas More. The times are treacherous. The Catholic Church controls almost every aspect of English life, including access to the very Word of God. And the church will do anything to keep it that way.

With thoughtful clarity and a reverence that comes through on every page, David Teems shares a story of intrigue and atrocity, betrayal and perseverance. This is how the Reformation officially reached English shores—and what it cost the men who brought it there.

Tyndale: The Man Who Gave God an English Voice is a must read. 

Constantine the Great by John B. Firth $0.99

Constantine the Great is a fascinating and in-depth historical examination of the reorganization of the Empire after its catastrophic fall, and the subsequent triumph of the Christian Church.

Firth, in a grounded approach to the period, questions whether Constantine really did deserve his epithet ‘the Great’ in real life, leaving it to his readers to make up their own minds.

Constantine the Great is a must-read for any Roman enthusiast.

The Early Church: From Ignatius to Augustine by George Hodges $0.99

Learn how the early Church developed from its lowly and persecuted origins of the first century through to becoming the main religion of the Roman Empire and the various kingdoms that succeeded it.

Hodges provides a full picture of the Roman Empire and its religion at this time, explaining how the Church was able to gain a foothold, how heresy nearly tore it apart and how many men and women sacrificed their own lives to protect the faith.

The Early Church: From Ignatius to Augustine is a brilliant history of the late Roman Empire and how the Christian Church developed within it.


Cold-Case Christianity: A Homicide Detective Investigates the Claims of the Gospels Kindle by J. Warner Wallace $2.39

Christianity could be defined as a “cold case”: it makes a claim about an event from the distant past for which there is little forensic evidence. In Cold-Case Christianity, J. Warner Wallace uses his nationally recognized skills as a homicide detective to look at the evidence and eyewitnesses behind Christian beliefs. Including gripping stories from his career and the visual techniques he developed in the courtroom, Wallace uses illustration to examine the powerful evidence that validates the claims of Christianity.

A unique apologetic that speaks to readers’ intense interest in detective stories, Cold-Case Christianity inspires readers to have confidence in Christ as it prepares them to articulate the case for Christianity.

True for You, But Not for Me: Overcoming Objections to Christian Faith by Paul Copan $1.99

Paul Copan tackles popular sayings that often leave Christians speechless, such as “All religions lead to God,” “Who are you to judge others?” or “Jesus was just another great religious leader.”

He provides readers with thoughtful explanations of anti-Christian slogans and brief answers to help them continue their conversations with non-Christians.

I also have Paul Copan’s That’s Just Your Interpretation: Responding to Skeptics Who Challenge Your Faith, which is a nice companion to this book. 

Is God a Moral Monster?: Making Sense of the Old Testament God by Paul Copan $1.59 

This book will help Christians give confident, biblical answers to some of secularism’s (and other faith systems!) claims that God is an angry God.

In Is God a Moral Monster?, apologist Paul Copan takes on some of the most vexing accusations of our time, including:

God is arrogant and jealous
God punishes people too harshly
God is guilty of ethnic cleansing
God oppresses women
God endorses slavery
Christianity causes violence

Talking with Your Kids about God: 30 Conversations Every Christian Parent Must Have by Natasha Crain $1.99

This practical and timely resource gives parents the confidence of knowing what to discuss with their children and how to discuss it in order to facilitate impactful conversations that will form the basis of a lifelong faith. In a friendly, parent-to-parent voice, Natasha Crain identifies 30 specific conversations about God that parents must have with their children, organizing them under the categories of

– the existence of God
– science and God
– the nature of God
– believing in God
– the difference God makes

I have this book and wrote a review for you, along with some tips on how you can make these conversations even better. Check it out!

Finding Truth: 5 Principles for Unmasking Atheism, Secularism, and Other God Substitutes by Nancy Pearcey $1.99

In Finding Truth, Nancy Pearcey explains five powerful principles that penetrate to the core of any worldview–secular or religious–to uncover its deepest motivations and weigh its claims.

A former agnostic, Pearcey demonstrates that a robust Christian worldview matches reality–that it is not only true but attractive, granting higher dignity to the human person than any alternative.

Finding Truth includes a study guide shaped by questions from readers, from teens to college professors. It is ideal for individual or group study.

Forensic Faith: A Homicide Detective Makes the Case for a More Reasonable, Evidential Christian Faith by J. Warner Wallace $2.99

A cold-case homicide detective helps Christians understand why it’s important to develop a “forensic faith” and provides a unique template to help them become effective “Christian Case Makers.”

Forensic Faith will help readers:

  • understand why they have a duty to defend the truth
  • develop a training strategy to master the evidence for Christianity
  • learn how to employ the techniques of a detective to discover new insights from God’s Word
  • become better communicators by learning the skills of professional case makers

With real-life detective stories, fascinating strategies, and biblical insights, Wallace teaches readers cold-case investigative disciplines they can apply to their Christian faith. Forensic Faith is an engaging, fresh look at what it means to be a Christian.


God’s Pursuit of Man: Tozer’s Profound Prequel to The Pursuit of God by A. W. Tozer

Salvation is from our side a choice, from the divine side […] a conquest of the Most High God. – A. W. Tozer

With words like these, Tozer shakes the soul. He crumbles the lies we believe and calls us to the more sure way.

In God’s Pursuit of Man, Tozer says what it means to truly be saved. It is not merely to assent to Jesus and go on our same old way, but to be conquered by the Almighty God and invaded by His Spirit. A saved person is a transformed person.

Let Tozer upend you in this moving prequel to The Pursuit of God. And being upended, may you be found standing upright in an upside-down world.

Think Like Jesus by George Barna $1.99

According to researcher George Barna, most born-again Christians live indistinctly from non-believers because they do not think any differently–which is a result of not understanding the basic truths of the Christian faith.

In this book, Barna identifies seven core questions that Christians must be able to answer biblically in order to live a transformed life.

The Pursuit of God by A. W. Tozer $0.99

Aiden Wilson Tozer (1897-1963) was an American Christian pastor, preacher, author, magazine editor, Bible conference speaker and spiritual mentor.

Living a simple and non-materialistic lifestyle, he and his wife never owned a car, preferring bus and train travel. Even after becoming a well-known Christian author, Tozer signed away much of his royalties to those who were in need. 

The Pursuit of God is a Christian classic.

Defending Inerrancy: Affirming the Accuracy of Scripture for a New Generation by Norman L. Geisler $1.59

The doctrine of inerrancy has been standard, accepted teaching for more than 1,000 years. In 1978, the famous “Chicago Statement” on inerrancy was adopted by the Evangelical Theological Society, and for decades it has been the accepted conservative evangelical doctrine of the Scriptures. However, in recent years, some prominent evangelical authors have challenged this statement in their writings.

Now eminent apologist and bestselling author Norman L. Geisler, who was one of the original drafters of the “Chicago Statement,” and his coauthor, William C. Roach, present a defense of the traditional understanding of inerrancy for a new generation of Christians who are being assaulted with challenges to the nature of God, truth, and language. Pastors, students, and armchair theologians will appreciate this clear, reasoned response to the current crisis.

Hinds’ Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnard $0.99

Hinds’ Feet on High Places remains Hannah Hurnard’s best known and most beloved book: a timeless allegory dramatizing the yearning of God’s children to be led to new heights of love, joy, and victory. In this moving tale, follow Much-Afraid on her spiritual journey as she overcomes many dangers and mounts at last to the High Places. There she gains a new name and is transformed by her union with the loving Shepherd.


The Sound of Gravel: A Memoir by Ruth Wariner $2.99

The thirty-ninth of her father’s forty-two children, Ruth Wariner grew up in polygamist family on a farm in rural Mexico.

In The Sound of Gravel, she offers an unforgettable portrait of the violence that threatened her community, her family’s fierce sense of loyalty, and her own unshakeable belief in the possibility of a better life.

An intimate, gripping tale of triumph and courage, The Sound of Gravel is a heart-stopping true story.

Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation by Bill Nye and Corey S. Powell $2.99

Sparked by a controversial debate in February 2014, Bill Nye is on a campaign to spread awareness of evolution.

In Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation, he explains why race does not really exist; evaluates the true promise and peril of genetically modified food; reveals how new species are born, in a dog kennel and in a London subway; takes a stroll through 4.5 billion years of time; and explores the new search for alien life, including aliens right here on Earth.

Bill Nye attempts to demonstrate that evolution is much more than a rebuttal to creationism; but that it is an essential way to understand how nature works.

This would be a good book to get and discuss the concepts with your kids in conjunction with Talking with Your Kids About God by Natasha Crain

Hiding in the Light: Why I Risked Everything to Leave Islam and Follow Jesus by Rifqa Bary $1.99

Rifqa Bary grew up in a devout Muslim home, obediently following her parents’ orders to practice the rituals of Islam. But God was calling her to freedom and love. He was calling her to true faith. He was calling her to give up everything.

Hiding in the Light is the story of Rifqa’s remarkable spiritual journey from Islam to Christianity. It is also the untold story of how she ran from her father’s threats to find refuge with strangers in Florida, only to face a controversial court case that reached national headlines. Most of all, it is the story of a young girl who made life-changing sacrifices to follow Jesus—and who inspires us to do the same.

Why There Is No God: Simple Responses to 20 Common Arguments for the Existence of God by Armin Navabi $2.51

An apologetics for the skeptic,  Why There Is No God provides simple, easy-to-understand counterpoints to the most popular arguments made for the existence of God. Each chapter presents a concise explanation of the argument, followed by a response illustrating the problems and fallacies inherent in it.

Good to read and get an understanding of the skeptic’s point of view, arguments and counter-arguments. 

Nelson’s Illustrated Guide to Religions: A Comprehensive Introduction to the Religions of the World by Thomas Nelson $1.99

A comprehensive introduction to the religions of the world analyzed from a Christian perspective

Nelson’s Illustrated Guide to Religions covers more than 200 religions, sects, and cults, most of them the reader might encounter on any given day. It is the most complete and up-to-date Christian guide to world religions. Perfect for the student as well as the layperson. 

50 Women Every Christian Should Know: Learning from Heroines of the Faith by Michelle DeRusha $1.99

Throughout history, countless women have boldly stepped out in faith and courage, leaving their indelible mark on those around them and on the kingdom of God.

50 Women Every Christian Should Know tells their stories, bringing into focus fifty incredible heroines of the faith. These engaging narratives are a potent reminder to readers that we are not alone, the battles we face today are not new, and God is always with us in the midst of the struggle.

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