Are you guilty of doing the same Father’s Day gifts every year? Sometimes we just don’t know what to get him, so we wind up getting him socks, ties, fishing gear (and he doesn’t even fish!), barbecue grills, and car vacuums. But what if you actually got him a gift that rocked his nerdy theological heart?

I decided to save you from buying the same old craptastic Father’s Day gifts this year and put together a Father’s Day gift guide for your geeky Christian guy. These gifts are so cool I would love to have them myself! Here are 9 Father’s Day gifts he won’t hate. You’re welcome.

Updated May 14, 2019

What are some good gift ideas for the nerdy Christian Dad who says he doesn’t want anything?

Chances are, you’ve asked that theology or bible geek guy in your life what he wants for Father’s Day, and he has answered, “nothing’. Don’t let him fool you – there’s some stuff he’s drooling over.

Guys tend to be compulsively obsessed with their hobbies, so what do you get the guy whose hobbies are apologetics, bible and church history, and theology?

I scoured the web (ok, I looked at my own wish lists) and found some really cool gift ideas for the Dad who thinks theologians and scholars are rockstars. I figure if I freak out over it our geeky brothers probably will, too.

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The Christian nerdy Dad’s Father’s Day gift guide that will blow his mind

Ok, so maybe he won’t scream like a little girl, he might let out an amazing grunt. But I guarantee these gifts are unique and will beat the pants off boxer shorts, neckties, barbecue grills (again) and all the other gifts Dads are used to getting.

Since I’m also a certified, card-carrying Bible nerd, theology and apologetics geek I went to my own wish lists of stuff I’ve seen over time that I know I would love and also went searching around for other really cool finds. There’s more I could have added to the list, but we have to draw the line somewhere, right?

Read on for the best geek-chic cool Father’s Day gifts, ever.

For the Bible nerd Dad

1. The Kingstone Bible Trilogy

For the comic book lovin’ Dad, Kingstone Comics has accomplished a significant feat – publishing the first full-scale graphic novel adaptation of the Bible. In 3 hardcover volumes, this graphic novel adaptation features stunning artwork from – wait for it – veterans of both Marvel and DC Comics.

Take a look at the snazzy book trailer to see the amazing art inside.

Grab your The Kingstone Bible Trilogy at Amazon and Christianbook

2. The Bible Project Coffee Table Book: Illustrated Summaries of Biblical Books

father's day gift guide for nerdy bible geek Christian Dads Bible Project coffee table book

Is your Bible nerd guy a fan of The Bible Project videos and podcast? Then he’d love The Bible Project Coffee Table book! Yes, it’s a thing. An awesome thing.

It is an entire collection of every biblical book with hand-drawn diagrams alongside short, written summaries of each book. Seeing the literary design of each book helps aid in reading, retention, and understanding. The diagrams include the Old Testament and New Testament books in the Protestant tradition. These illustrated summaries are bound together in a gray cloth hardcover binding.

You can even use the book alongside the videos. Watch this video to see the amazing art put into these books.

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For the theology nerd Dad

3. Theologian Trading Cards By Norman Jeune III

father's day gift guide for nerdy theology geek Christian Dads baseball card style theologians through church history trading cards set of 288 important church theologians

Not gonna lie – I didn’t know this was a thing. Now that I know it’s a thing, I have to have some. Never mind I have never collected any sort of trading cards in my life, but these are way too cool. Be still my nerdy heart.

Patterned after the all-American baseball card, Theologian Trading Cards provide essential information about the major teachers, leaders, and trouble-makers throughout the history of the Church.

At a glance you will have access to information regarding 288 important figures in church history, including when and where they lived, their contribution to the church, and enduring significance.

Each figure has been placed on the roster of one of 15 “theological” or “historical” teams; this aids readers in discovering the practical, chronological, and theological connections between figures. Examples include the Orthodoxy Dodgers (heretics); St. James Padres (Church Fathers of the Patristic Era); and the Wittenberg Whistle-blowers (Early Reformers and later Lutheran Church).

Get it at Amazon and Christianbook

4. Book Darts Line Markers

father's day gift guide for nerdy theology geek Christian Dads set of 125 book darts metal clips in retro-looking tin, image of book dart on book page

You might be asking yourself – what the heck are book darts? Book darts are for the true book nerds. They are metal clips that allow you to mark a specific line in a book without using paperclips, folding over page corners, highlighters or sticky notes. Which just damage your books. Don’t do that!! And they are ridiculously retro cool nerdy.

They also come in a cute little retro-looking tin of 125 darts.

Get it at Amazon

5. Sakura Pigma Micron Archival Pens

father's day gift guide for nerdy theology geek Christian Dads Sakura Micron archival pens .04 mm nib size multi-color pack, perfect for Bible study and notetaking in special books as no bleed-through

I know I literally just said to not damage your books, but sometimes you have to write notes in your books. If you are going to write in a book, you want to use archival pens. I have these pens that I use for Bible study and they are the best pens out there. They write like a dream and will not damage your books. Plus, with Bibles, there is no bleed-through on the ultrathin pages!

These are my favorite size nib for underlining and notetaking, and they come in a color assortment. An absolute must so that you can see your notes on the black and white pages.

They are a book lover’s BFF.

Get them at Amazon

For the history of christianity nerd Dad

6. The Search for God and Guinness: A Biography of the Beer That Changed the World by Stephen Mansfield

father's day gift guide for church history geek Christian Dads book cover for The Search For God and Guiness: A Biography of the Beer That Changed the World by Stephen Mansfield

I’m not a beer person, but this book has been on my to-read list for some time. And it seems no modern theology nerd is complete without also being a craft beer lover. Rock his theo-nerd heart with the true story of Guinness beer.

Just make sure you get him some cool Guinness pint glasses and a 6 pack to go with it.

The history of Guinness, one of the world’s most famous brands, reveals the noble heights and generosity of a great family and an innovative business.

It began in Ireland in the late 1700s. The water in Ireland, indeed throughout Europe, was famously undrinkable, and the gin and whiskey that took its place was a devastating civil society. It was a disease ridden, starvation plagued, alcoholic age, and Christians like Arthur Guinness-as well as monks and even evangelical churches-brewed beer that provided a healthier alternative to the poisonous waters and liquors of the times. This is where the Guinness tale began.

Now, 246 years and 150 countries later, Guinness is a global brand, one of the most consumed beverages in the world. The tale that unfolds during those two and a half centuries has the power to thrill audiences today: the generational drama, business adventure, industrial and social reforms, deep-felt faith, and the beer itself.

Get it at Amazon and Christianbook

7. Adam’s Chart of History: A Chronology of Ancient, Modern, and Biblical History

father's day gift guide for nerdy church history geek Christian Dadsbook cover for Adam's Chart of History: A Chronology of Ancient, Modern, and Biblical History book of world history charts, maps, and timelines

This history chart is just flippin’ cool.

Sebastian Adams, in early as in later life, was a studious and earnest scholar. The son of a prominent family (cousin to American President John Adams) who were patrons of education and science, he would become an educator, statesman, and author during his lifetime of achievements. It was from his mother that he developed his love for research and the perseverance to create this incomparable time-line of history.

Adams Chart of History is a 23′ long by 27″ tall, illustrated timeline of biblical and world history, covering a 6,000-year time period from the biblical creation to the late 19th century (1800s). The 21 full-size panels of this fold-out chart can be viewed in book form or opened as a continuous timeline to the full 23 feet. Seeing history displayed in this brilliant “at-a-glance” format helps us to fully understand and contextualize that every person or event is part of a much grander picture and purpose.

This comes in a hardcover fold out option or only the panels if you know for a fact you are going to hang them up. This would be awesome hung up in my living room.

Available at Amazon and Christianbook

For the christian apologetics nerd Dad

8. An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments by Ali Almossawi and Alejandro Giraldo

father's day gift guide for nerdy apologetics geek Christian Dads book cover An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments by Ali Almossawi and Alejandro Giraldo

Ever since I first saw this book I fell in love with the illustrations and just thought it was all-around awesome. Who can pass up bad arguments with furry animals?

Have you read (or stumbled into) one too many irrational online debates? Ali Almossawi certainly had, so he wrote An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments! This handy guide is here to bring the internet age a much-needed dose of old-school logic (really old-school, a la Aristotle).

Here are cogent explanations of the straw man fallacy, the slippery slope argument, the ad hominem attack, and other common attempts at reasoning that actually fall short—plus a beautifully drawn menagerie of animals who (adorably) commit every logical faux pas. Rabbit thinks a strange light in the sky must be a UFO because no one can prove otherwise (the appeal to ignorance). And Lion doesn’t believe that gas emissions harm the planet because, if that were true, he wouldn’t like the result (the argument from consequences).

Once you learn to recognize these abuses of reason, they start to crop up everywhere from congressional debate to YouTube comments—which makes this geek-chic book a must for anyone in the habit of holding opinions.

9. Fishers Of Men – Fishing Fly Patent Framed Art

Inspired and includes the words of Jesus

Jesus said…
“Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.” Matthew 4:19

This is a cool piece of framed art with a retro look and feel. I would love to hang this up in my house, too, since I love all things related to history. and it serves as a visual reminder of why we do apologetics.

We don’t do it to win arguments but to be fishermen (or fisherwomen).

Get it at Dayspring


Sometimes guys can be tough to shop for, but these gifts should make your nerdy Christian guy’s heart super happy. Whether he is a bible nerd, theo-geek, or apologetics lover (or all 3!) there is surely something on this list to please him.

Let me know how this father’s day gift guide works out for you, which of these ideas you went with and what his reaction was. Pics or it didn’t happen 😉

I’d love to hear what you think

What are some of the nerdiest, geekiest Father’s Day presents you’ve given that your nerdy Christian guy loved? I’d love to hear about them in the comments. I might even add them to the list for others!

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