In Christian faith and culture we fear doubt. We may hear that doubt is a sin, and be afraid to speak up when we doubt. A recent Barna Group study found that 59% of young people who left the Christian faith or church after the age of 15 found one of the primary reasons why was how the Church handles doubt.

I have a different take on doubt, having experienced a faith crisis a few times in my life. The first was when I left Mormon culture and beliefs. The second was when I came to trust Jesus as a Christian, and the third was when I began investigating Christian apologetics and the history of Christianity and Judaism.

Doubt can do one of two things to our faith. It can destroy it resulting in us walking away from faith; or we can embrace it and use it to propel us into a stronger, deeper faith.

Turning doubt into audacious faith

I’ve been honored and privileged to contribute a guest article for a fellow faith blogger who has a series for Christians who have at one point turned away from God or faith for whatever reason, and are considering coming back.

Since doubt plays a huge part in why many turn away I shared some of my own unexpected journey into faith, and how doubt can be used to enrich and deepen our trust in God. We can use to it to propel us to answer the questions every Christian needs to ask themselves:

What do I believe? Why do I velieve it? Do I have good reasons to believe it?

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Doubting God can deepen our faith – if we let it

Maybe you struggle with doubting God’s existence, or your teenager is doubting God. Some Christians struggle with doubting God’s goodness, love, and promises. In the article I go over:

  • What is doubt and what does it mean?
  • Where does it come from?
  • Do we have examples of people in the Bible doubting God? What happened?
  • Can doubt be a good thing?

Plus I give 5 practical and honest ideas on what to do when we doubt God. And none of them involve covering up our doubts!

Head on over to One Lost Coin and read Can We Doubt God? Turning Doubt Into Audacious Faith.

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