I’m passionate about apologetics, theology, and the history of Christianity. I’m even more passionate about helping Christian women be bold & fearless for the Gospel.

Over the years I’ve read hundreds of books on these subjects and have helped build communities devoted to just that. Here, I am pointing you to my top picks. Just click on the links below for what best describes your needs.

Christian apologetics reading plans: where to begin

When I first started with apologetics I had no real direction. Clueless, I researched everything and just started reading whatever I could get my hands on. Almost nine years later, I have read some great books and some not-so-great books.

The links below will take you to my top recommendations for each category to get you on the road to being bold & fearless for the Gospel.

Is there evidence for the existence of God?

Is Jesus real or is He just a myth?

Who is Jesus of Nazareth? The Quest for the Historical Jesus

What is the evidence for the truth claims of Christianity?

Can I trust the Bible?

I want to learn about Creation, the age of the Earth, and evolution.

How can I teach Christian apologetics to my kids and teens?

Talking With Your Kids About God? Get This Book First

Monthly Christian Apologetics Newsletter

Great deals on Christian books for Kindle

Every week we hand-curate the best deals on Christian apologetics books, history of Christianity books, Christian theology books, and books about other worldviews. Looking for some new books to read?

Christian Apologetics, History, and Theology Books – Under $5

What are the some of the latest books on Christian apologetics, Christian theology, the history of Christianity, and other worldviews?

Support communities for Christian women

All of these Christian online support communities are located on Facebook. (Go ahead and follow us while you’re there). Each Christian Women Apologists community also features a Kindle Lending Library of relevent ebooks available for loan to community members.

Christian Women Apologists

Christian Women Apologists is a support/learning group for Protestant, Evangelical Christian women who want to be bold and fearless for the Gospel. Not confident in your conversations with disbelievers and misbelievers?

Christian Women Apologists: History of Christianity

Have you ever wondered what the early church believed and did? Who exactly were Ignatius, Polycarp, and Justin the Martyr? Who was Augustine and what was he confessing? Whether you’re new to Christianity or a long-time believer, if you are interested in the history of Christianity this is the community for you.

Christian Women Apologists: Theology

The point of sound doctrine is to be equipped for every good work. Here we study and discuss the doctrines and theology of Christianity. If you don’t want to live a wishy-washy faith, this is the community for you.

Support communities of special interest

Sisterhood of Grace: Survivors of Toxic Faith

Sisterhood of Grace is the public page for a private community of women who have left or are questioning a toxic faith system. Typically these ladies have left Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists, Scientology, and other high-control groups. Ladies who are still in their current system but are questioning are also welcome, and being a Christian is not required.

This is a highly supportive and loving community.

Christians Answering Mormonism

Ever had Mormon Missionaries knocking on your door and felt panic? Are you an Ex-Mormon who has come to Jesus? Do you want to reach out to Mormons with the Gospel? Not sure how to answer your Mormon neighbor/friend/family member’s questions? This is the group for you!

Christian Women in Academics

Christian Women in Academics serves to encourage women pursuing various levels of degrees and/or with plans to be in some form of educational/academic setting. The goal is to help encourage women in their growth as Christians, with support for balancing faith and education, and to discover how apologetics and evangelism can play a part in their education journey.