When I first began my journey into apologetics I turned to technology to find my tribe. No one I knew was interested in the same things I was – learning how to love God with my mind and then putting that into action by loving my neighbor. (Because what is the point of gaining all this knowledge if we don’t actually put it into action?)

What I found wasn’t satisfying to me. There were women engaged, but no central place for all of us to hang out and talk about what we believe, why we believe it, and how to apply it with the everyday people in our lives. Most of the communities I found had an insulated, us-vs.-them mentality.

I found contentious Christians – even with their own kind – instead of being relational. Some were hostile to Christians who were new to the faith, or new to Christian apologetics.

So in 2016 I rounded up a few Christian women friends who I knew felt the same as I did and we formed the first Christian Women Apologists group, an online community with one focused goal:

Find and support Christian women of all ages who are looking for something more from their faith than the shallow Churchianity which has become the status quo.

Eventually, that one online community gave birth to three sister groups. One focused on learning the history of Christianity and how knowing it helps our faith conversations. Another focused on growing deeper in our theological understandings so that we are equipped for every good work. A third is a mission-specific challenge community.

Join our thriving community of over 300 women