Want to be smarter? Think about your faith well and be bold and fearless for the Gospel? There is one sure-fire way to do that – read more. Reading books has been shown to increase the facts you know, help you improve pattern identification, increase your empathy quotient, and make your neurological connections more pervasive. Who doesn’t want pervasive neurons?

Book readers live longer, are less likely to develop Alzheimer’s, and are just happier people.

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Keep your book budget in check with the weekly top deals on Kindle

We want you to be happier people, but who wants to lug heavy hardcovers around? We love hardcovers, but with Kindle books to be had at amazing prices, you can reserve your hardcover budget for the big, fancy reference works.

This is a curated list of hand-picked Kindle deals of books on Christian apologetics, Christian theology, history of Christianity and various worldviews that would be of interest to Christian women who want to think well about their faith and be bold and fearless for the Gospel. We update this page weekly, as deals become available, so check back often.

God is no fonder of intellectual slackers than of any other slackers…you are embarking on something which is going to take the whole of you, brains and all – C.S. Lewis #Apologetics #LoveGodWithYourMind Tweet This!

Methodology: How the books are chosen

No matter how great an author or their content is, it is impossible for anyone to agree with every statement made in every book written by every author. We don’t, and we don’t expect you will, either. However, we hand select these books because we think they will help you think well about your faith.

We choose these Kindle book deals based on the following criteria:

  • Known author reliability
  • Publisher reliability
  • Helpfulness in thinking well about faith
  • Practical application to being bold and fearless for the Gospel

Christian Apologetics Books

Christian apologetics is the art of giving an answer to all who ask us about the hope we have within us, with gentleness and respect (1 Peter 3:15). These books will help you address the many objections, questions, and truth claims we all face and need to be able to answer boldly, without fear.

Christian Theology Books

Learning Christian theology and the various subsets of Christian theology such as soteriology, angelology and demonology, Christology will equip you for speaking with confidence in your everyday faith conversations, and help you decide what you believe and why you believe it.

Christian Biblical Studies & Commentaries Books

Christianity began through Judaism, which was a religion known as “the people of the books”. All three of the world’s major religions are “sacred text” religions. Christians should take up this grand tradition of being people of the book and dive into biblical commentaries to see Scripture through someone else’s eyes.

History of Christianity Books

Learning the history of Christianity (the good, the bad, and the ugly) will enable you to speak with wisdom and truth when addressing questions, objections, and truth claims. It is also vital for the Christian to have an understanding of the roots of our faith and how Christianity has impacted the culture around it, and how the culture around it has impacted Christianity through time.

Worldviews: Books of Interest to Christians

No well-rounded Christian avoids learning about other worldviews. We need to better understand the views people hold in order to engage in honest and respectful dialogue with those who do not share our faith.

How to get the most out of Kindle books

If you don’t know how to get the most out of the Amazon Kindle book program, here are some tips for you:

Don’t have a Kindle Reader or Fire Tablet?

No Kindle or Fire tablet? No problem! Download the Kindle reading app for free. It works with iOS, Mac, Android and PC devices. I have a Chromebook and it works there, too. 

If you’re in the market for an e-reader, check out the Kindle Fire tablet. I picked up a refurbished one for $65. What I like about it is how seamless it works with the Amazon family of products. I am an Amazon Prime member, so I can beautifully watch Amazon Prime movies and tv shows, right on my Fire tablet – in addition to a great reading experience on my books!

Free Prime reading

With your Amazon Prime membership you automatically have access to 1,000s of books, magazines, Kindle Singles, comics and more, so you can always find something to read.

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Read unlimited books with Kindle Unlimited

Ok, this is the biggie. With a Kindle Unlimited membership, you can read all the Kindle Unlimited eligible books you want – for free! It is well worth the $9.99 per month membership fee.

If you’re an audiobook listener, you also get to listen to titles that have audio – for free. There are Kindle Unlimited 6, 12 and 24-month membership plans.

  • Unlimited reading from over 1 million ebooks
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  • Membership plans are also giftable

As a Prime member, you can also subscribe to the Amazon First Reads newsletter, and they will email you once a month a selection of books where you can choose one for free. Yes, free.

By the way, each one of our Christian Women Apologists communities houses a list of ebooks available for borrowing in our Lending Libraries. Come join us!


We hope these apologetics books deals will help not only your budget, but help you think well about your faith. Know what you believe, why you believe it, and how to articulate it.

Reading just even just one book a week will put you on the path to being more bold and fearless for the Gospel. God gave you a brain, He expects you to use it. He never told you to check your brains at the church door.

We’d love to hear what you think

What do you think of this week’s apologetics books deals for Kindle? Have you read any of them? Do you have any recommendations we can check out?